The weavers’ exploration in Abu-Dhabi’s Western Region -UNESCO 2010-

03 Oct The weavers’ exploration in Abu-Dhabi’s Western Region -UNESCO 2010-

This document outlines the initial findings and achievements of a pilot project aimed at Emirati heritage revival via micro-entrepreneurial development of women as home-based weavers in the Western region of Abu-Dhabi. The project was initiated by the Khalifa fund for Enterprise Development in partnership with Abu-Dhabi Culture and Heritage Authority. The document starts by explaining the impact of the fast prosperity of the UAE onto the local community’s way of life, and new competitive market challenges that forced the traditional crafts to become extinct in a very short period of time. Today the hardship of the local community to keep pace with the big socio-economic jump that the country has witnessed in only 4 decades, has made identity preservation a national urgency. The findings of an intensive field assessment of Bedouin women, and the field pilot project that helped them find the bridge to their new reality, brings more than social inclusion and business opportunities.

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