As technology and globalization bring societies closer to each other, sustaining human cultural diversity becomes a challenge. The challenge is mainly caused by the inability of art and craft communities to adapt global market trends to their own heritage, thus threatening the evolution of national cultures.

At Blue Fish, we are passionate about cultural diversity, which we believe is best sustained when linked to positive socio-economic development.

We believe that the impact of cultural heritage in creating positive opportunities, urban development, and hope for future generations is underestimated.

We design solutions that unleash national art and craft potentials through entrepreneurial and technical skills development, building cultural bridges of understanding to sustain diversity using the same tools that challenge diversity: technology and globalization.


Blue Fish was established in 2006, as an export consulting firm, specialized in micro-business development and export readiness evaluation, export process solutions design, and supply chain empowerment. Blue Fish designed and led several artisan entrepreneur assistance initiatives all over Tunisia.

Today Blue Fish work has extended its missions, to territorial marketing activities which improve socio-economic development, design and implementation of projects, to improve the economic dynamic of heritage and culture, which we believe are tools for self-employment creation and community empowerment.

Blue Fish is a lean organization, operating with a network of freelance professionals, with proven experience in various economic sectors.

Blue Fish is a social enterprise, where 50% of our resources are used pro-bono to assist micro-business, or youth led NGO. We have also implemented many projects, to help young people, stay in school or get back to school, after dropping out.

Blue Fish was founded by Leila Ben-Gacem, a social entrepreneur, Ashoka Fellow, and known advocator for social entrepreneurship, alternative tourism and SME export rights. Leila is also founder of Dar Ben Gacem (boutique hotel), Dar el Harka (co-working space) and Mdinti (Medina’s economic interest group)

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