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At Blue Fish we design solutions that unleash national art and craft potentials, through entrepreneurial and technical skills development and by building cultural bridges of understanding to sustain cultural diversity using the same tools that challenge diversity; technology and globalization.

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وما ينبت النرجس إلا من البصل...

كان يومًا هادئًا في منتصف شهر يناير. كان التونسيون حول العالم ملتصقين بشاشة الجزيرة ويبحرون على الفيسبوك، المصادرين الموثوقين الوحيدين للمعلومات خلال ثورة 2010. كان الجو مُعتمًا بالخارج وكان هادئًا جدًا بسبب فرض حظر التجول. تم إغلاق المطار، لكن هناك…

Reviving Historical Urban Quarters Using Creative Industries

Tunisian Japan Symposium 17 – 19 Sept. 2016, Management Strategy Towards the Establishment of Innovative Society


The purpose of this work is to revive the historical urban quarters of Tunis Medina, through improved socio-cultural urban dynamics of creative industry…

Implementing the law, one letter at a time.

Tunisian Municipalities and Association Funding.

In 2018, Tunisia democratically elected municipal councils for the first time. Upon assuming their council responsibilities, the elected members were tasked with implementing a brand new Local Government Code nearly overnight, with little to…

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